In addition to becoming the Premiere Real Estate Brokerage Firm in the GCC, Exclusive Real Estate Advisory also leads the way in Real Estate consulting. The Consulting Services offered includes:

  1. Appraisal
  2. Best Use of Land Studies: We will prepare for the client the “Highest Value Report”. This will take into account what is a reasonable, legal and probable use of the property.  We will consider what can be financially feasible, physically possible and appropriately supported.  The end product will be presented to the client as either a development proposal or marketing materials to obtain a partner of sell the property.
  3. Assistance in obtaining financing for purchases and projects: Our Financing Consultants will assist the clients with the selection of a lender along with the application process through acceptance. 
  4. Representing Property Owners in the development of their lands: Our Consultants will  work with Planners, Engineers, Architects Designers and the Municipalizes along with the Owners to help them realize their vision.
  5. Recommending tenant mix plans for commercial property owners. 
  6. Selecting, negotiating and securing leases for Commercial and Retail clients: We offer this service for both lessees and lessors.
  7. Preparation of Architectural requirements for designers on behalf of owners. Including working with the designers for the most efficient use of space. 
  8. Identifying International Commercial Operators for property owners and negotiating and securing management contracts. This can be done in both the Hospitality and other large Commercial areas.
  9. Real Estate Portfolio Analysis: Our Consultants will review your portfolio and make Recommendations for consolidation, expansion and replacement when appropriate.